About Us

Soe Electric Foundation

Who We Are?

The SOE Electric Foundation is a non-governmental organization solely established by U Soe Tint, President of SOE Electric, with the aim of fulfilling the needs of people. Then, U Kyaw Min Tun, son of U Soe Tint, followed his father’s steps with K11.9 billion funding and the organization now has donated K ………

U Soe Tint, born in Pyinmana, made his way up to success donating one third of the family income. He is also working for his birthplace and further contributing to the country as a responsible citizen.

Therefore, he, as a philanthropic, launched his stride of social works since 1999 fulfilling his goodwill for the society. Then, he established the SOE Electric Foundation in 20…. with the following mission and vision.

Our Visions

  1. To carry out social works across the country, with the organized based in Pyinmana, Nay Pyi Taw.
  2. To become and stand as an epitomized organization, in line with the guidance of the government, in order to encourage people to participate in the effort for development of the country with a strong belief that it is the duty of each and every citizen for the country to develop.

The Main Five Roles


With the belief that education is the foundation of a state, the organization is using millions of Kyat to support the development of education for the future generation including -

  • Building schools in the needy areas
  • Donating school benches and classroom materials
  • Organizing literature seminars and student debates
  • Opening free classes such as Computer Class, Motor Sewing Class and Vocational Trainings
  • Providing scholarships funds and basic requirements of students
The SOE Electric Foundation is also actively working on healthcare services as it regards people’s health as its own family’s. Therefore,
  • It opened the “Aye Nyein Chan Thar Pensioners Care Center” in 2015 for the senior citizens. It is now housing and providing holistic healthcare for the senior citizens in their late 70s, who have no place to live, no one who takes care of them, or are abandoned by their poor families.
  • A clinic was also opened at the center providing free healthcare services to those who are having financial difficulties to receive proper healthcare and medical treatments.
  • In addition to that, the foundation is providing necessary assistance for major operations such as replacing kidney and heart surgery.



Better transportation can streamline economic and trade activities and in effect improve social-economic of people. Therefore, the foundation builds bridges and roads.
  • It built the Pyinmana two-lane bridge, the Pyinmana six-lane bridge, the Tharyargon - Nyaung Pinthar Bridge, and Ngalite Chaung four-lane bridge (to build)
In addition, it also donated
    • Electricity, lamp posts and Soe Electronic produced transformers,
    • Wells in the areas and villages with drinking water shortage problems in the summer,
    • Hearses and
    • Other donations in response to natural disasters occured at any time
  • Moreover, the SOE Electricity Foundation, with the aim of environmental conservation and forest restoration, has also established another organization with the name “3G Myanmar”, which in collaboration with the environmental enthusiasts is putting its best efforts to make the whole country starting from Nay Pyi Taw area green again with trees and forests and to protect the earth.
The SOE Electric Foundation, in line with the goodwill of the company’s president U Soe Tint to provide aids to the poor, is constantly doing donations such as
  • Building orphanage centers for orphans and refugee centers for the victims of armed conflict (eg. Lashio, Northern Shan State),
  • Providing capital for street vendors and trishaw drivers with the actual needs after careful consideration,
  • Helping tok tok drivers by donating them cars or motorbikes as an effort to improve their lives, and
  • Participating in other social welfare activities.



As we value our religion in the same way we do to our lives and are committed to work for promotion of Buddhism, we are willingly participating in activities of promoting and preserving Buddhist Sasana such as
  • Building and repairing pagodas, Dhamma Yone (Buddhist community center), Thein (Buddhist Ordination Facility) and other religious buildings,
  • Organizing public sermons,
  • Donating cash for Buddhist monasteries, and
  • Organizing and bearing all the cost for collective ordination ceremonies for children from poor families and orphans

Team Members

  • Chairman & CEO